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There is a long list of materials with attractive properties that cannot be produced (as powder) or densified (into armor plate) at pressures below the gigapascal range.  A diamondoid compound of boron and carbon, cBC5, is the second hardest material ever discovered, is astoundingly durable, is lightweight, and would make for a terrific armor material…  But it can only be produced at pressures higher than 5-6 GPa.  Other materials, such as the boron subnitride B13N2, require similar pressures for production and densification. 

These extreme pressures can only be obtained with dedicated and purpose-built equipment.

Diamond Age is working on the bulk production of metastable high-pressure ceramic and carbon materials — opening up new frontiers in armor development

Materials are currently available on a limited prototype basis, and can be made into custom/bespoke articles of armor.

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