The Diamond Age Forcefield armor panel offers protection from:

• High-velocity SMG special threats, such as the 7.62x25mm Tokarev at over 1700 fps, 5.7x28mm threats at over 2100 fps, and the HK 4.6x30mm at over 2000 fps.

• The toughest handgun special threats, including solid copper 9mm FMJ projectiles such as the Fort Defense 9mm Solid Copper Spun (SCS) round.

• Knifes, spikes, and needles.  Less than 15mm penetration at 36J against both the S1 and P1 blades.

• Military-grade frag, with a V50 against the 16gr RCC tested at over 2180 feet per second, exceeding the military’s requirements by over 100 feet per second.

…Most Level IIIa armor vests protect their wearers from none of those threats.  The Forcefield can protect you from all of them.

For all that, the Forcefield is as thin and as light as the average soft armor panel in its class, at just 6.8mm and 1.17 pounds per square foot.

Uncompromising protection for SWAT, military, and high-risk security personnel.

Available in BALCS-cut panels — the military’s first choice.  Other police/military cuts available upon request.

BALCS armor carriers, which can be used both overtly and covertly, also available.

For true multi-threat protection, accept nothing less.

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