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ChloroCer is a proprietary, surface-treated grade of boron carbide.

First, surface treatment results in a very thin layer of boron oxides and suboxides on the surface of the boron carbide ceramic plate. This surface-treated plate is then coated with a specially-developed chlorosilane adhesion promoter. This process significantly improves the adhesive properties of the ceramic, making for a stronger bond between ChloroCer and its substrate, with downstream effects that very markedly improve performance on a systems level:

– Improved kinetic energy transfer into the backing layer from the ceramic plate.
– Better support for the ceramic plate upon impact.
– Facilitates the use of high-stiffness, high-impedance adhesives.
– Reduced stress wave reflection back into the ceramic plate from the interface between the plate, the adhesive, and the backer — thereby improving damage tolerance and multi-hit performance.

ChloroCer is immediately available in production volumes for high-end armor plate development.

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