Diamond Age offers three different types of armor ceramic, and can help you select the best material for your application and budget. All materials are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including multi-curve plates, and plates with complex or irregular geometries. 
New for 2019, AuCer™ is a toughened, patent-pending boron carbide-titanium nitride (B4C-TiN) composite.
Ultra lightweight:  5-10% lighter than most commercial grades of boron carbide; nearly 25% lighter than silicon carbide and 40% lighter than alumina.   
Toughened:  Improved multi-hit performance and bump damage tolerance.
AuCer™ is the world’s best armor ceramic for hard armor plates.
Sintered boron carbide-titanium nitride composite
Density: 2.46 gm/cc
Compressive strength: 3100 MPa
Hardness: 2800 HV
Fracture toughness: 4 – 5.5 MPa√m 
Boron Carbide
Available in both sintered and reaction-bonded form, boron carbide is the gold standard for lightweight armor plate.  Boron carbide is typically used in body armor and towards aerospace applications.
Sintered boron carbide
Density: 2.44 gm/cc
Compressive strength: 3000 MPa
Hardness: 2650 HV
Fracture toughness: 2.75 MPa√m

Reaction-bonded boron carbide
Density: 2.55 gm/cc
Compressive strength: 2350 MPa
Hardness: 1700 HV
Fracture toughness: 3 MPa√m 
Silicon carbide
Silicon carbide is an ideal choice for vehicular applications and for level IV plates built to withstand aggressive WC-cored projectiles.  Diamond Age is capable of manufacturing SiC tiles in small batch quantities and to complex shapes, at very low prices.

Sintered silicon carbide
Density: 3.16 gm/cc
Compressive strength: 3420 MPa
Hardness: 2300 HV
Fracture toughness: 3.45 MPa√m

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