Advanced Alloys

Diamond Age produces highly-engineered steel, magnesium, and tungsten alloys on a small-batch basis, typically via powder metallurgical techniques.  These alloys are optimized and intended for use in armor applications — particularly in applications where a combination of performance, toughness, a long service life, and resistance to environmental conditions are required.

Information on our revolutionary magnesium and tungsten alloys is forthcoming.  Contact us for more details.

Carapace Dual-Hardness Steel
Carapace DHS is a specially-treated steel with a surface hardness of 688 HB, a core hardness of 560 HB, and a nanocrystalline twinned plate martensitic grain structure.  It offers extremely high ballistic performance, impressive deformation capacity, and possesses the ability to absorb impressive punishment.  In annealed form, it can be formed into complex shapes, including multi-curve body armor plates — and shapes far more complex than that.
Due to post-hardening processing treatments, Carapace DHS is supplied in fully hardened condition. 
Bulk properties (typical):
Hardness: 55 HRC (core) – 63 HRC (surface) 
Ultimate Tensile Strength:  > 2005 MPa
Yield Strength: > 1400 MPa
Elongation:  > 14%
Charpy impact: > 28 J
Microstructure:  Martensitic, ~3% retained austenite
A Carapace DHS plate thinner than 3.7mm will stop the 7.62x39mm PS Ball. 
Contact us for more information and pricing.  We’re glad to work on complex shaped parts on your behalf.