Diamond Age is a materials science and engineering firm that focuses on the research and development of leading-edge anti-ballistic armor systems.  
Current research projects involve overstiochiometric near-net shaped titanium boride (TiB2.4) ceramics, functionally graded lightweight cermets in the boron-titanium and boron-magnesium systems, high modulus Fe–TiB2 steel cermets, hard and elastic nickel-based amorphous metals, and ultra-lightweight magnesium-based ceramics.  We are also a leading producer of boron nitride nanotubes for ceramic reinforcement, and actively explore their utilization in ceramic and metal matrices. 
Development projects include rifle-resistant helmets much more advanced than the current state of the art, ultra-lightweight body armor systems, improved armor designs for face and neck protection, and structured biomimetic tile arrays for enhanced multi-hit performance and durability in ceramic armor systems.
Our goal is simple: To make the best armor possible, via careful materials engineering, innovative design, and stringent attention to detail.